Welcome to Mullen Arts

The Purpose of This Site

 This is essentially a set of annotated photo albums. Like many families we have lots of photos and other visual media sitting around, so a web site is the logical outlet for them. The digital medium works better for us than traditional photo albums. For one thing, a web site can have lots of commentary to go with the photos, often hard to fit into a physical photo album. For most of you this probably won’t be very interesting, but that’s okay. It is really here for family and friends, and for me to be able to say I finally got off my butt and used some of those photos. This overhaul was begun in mid August 2006. I will be adding things from here on (famous last words), starting with current stuff, then adding the old stuff as I can. In addition to the photos, I have other stuff you can check out, and you can still view the main parts of the old web site.

Our Neighborhood

We live in a residential area of Long Beach called Bixby Knolls. We’re about a mile northwest of the Long Beach Airport, almost directly under the ascent corridor for the big jets. The commercial airlines don’t take off very often, but they do it in groups of three or four, and some of them are pretty loud. That said, we get to see all kinds of aircraft, including the C17s they build over at Boeing, which are awesome when they take off for test flights. We’ll miss the C17 when they discontinue it.

Other than the air traffic our neighborhood is quiet. There are many families with children, very few renters, and most of the properties are well tended. Known in the real estate community as Bixby Highlands, this neighborhood was erected during the early 1940s to provide housing for the many new employees of Douglas Aircraft as they built military planes during World War II. In recent years the high cost of housing in Long Beach coupled with the excellent schools and convenient location have caused our neighborhood to become increasingly white-collar. As a result there has been a lot of adding and remodelling going on lately (see sidebar →).

Our house is not particularly large, but it is very sunny and comfortable, and out of the flood plain (either rain or tsunami). We feel fortunate to own a home where our children can attend great schools and our commute to work is in the single digits.

Home Improvement

Since this is our home page it seems appropriate that you can jump from here to view a sampling of photos related to the large and very messy project we undertook in 2005. Yes, we upgraded to Mullen Home v.2.0. I’ll spare you a single, giant photo collection by breaking it up into several fairly bite-sized pieces. ;-) Click here to check it out.

Stuff to do soon: Extend the north fence to the front of the house, landscape the front yard (lots of concrete and masonry), install a gazeebo in the back yard next to a pond with a water fall and a stone lantern or a statue of the Buddha, remodel the garage.

Stuff to do later: Remodel the kitchen and dining rooms. Replace the ceilings. I could go on forever…